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MindLeap translates complicated board issues – keeping it simple and making it real!

By interpreting the intricate structure and culture of the boardroom, those who will benefit are anyone who want to up their game in the boardroom: corporate governance experts supporting the board; shareholders; individuals who are exploring a non-exec directorship career; external advisors; and any other stakeholders.

MindLeap achieves this by promoting collaboration, best practice and thought leadership initiatives in corporate governance amongst the wider stakeholder community.

About us

Caroline Evans

Caroline Evans FCIS is the founder of MindLeap. Her ambition is to facilitate and promote the benefits and developments of corporate governance in all of its forms. Diverse, mutually supportive networking is pivotal to Caroline. She loves making relationships work and believes that serendipity is the secret of her success.

Before establishing MindLeap, Caroline was a Director of Beament Leslie Thomas (BLT), where initially she grew the Management Consultancy recruitment desk and latterly became Head of the Company Secretarial practice under the CSS brand.

Over the last few years Caroline has tracked the rise of the corporate governance agenda and a secretariat that is properly valued and respected by the board. Caroline firmly believes that it's not just about the process, but also the tone that should be set from the top down.


MindLeap collaborates on projects by harnessing connections across the corporate governance platform.

ESG - what does it mean to you?

Wednesday 26 February 2020

Panel led seminar reviewing Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reporting. From theory to practical implication for CoSec’s and IRO’s, including a first look at a bespoke ESG research which will cover current trends and best practice of ESG engagement within the Capital markets. To register.

ShareSoc Growth Company Seminars

Wednesday 11 March 2020

Presentations by four AIM-listed companies to the members of ShareSoc, the UK Individual Shareholders Society. Download Updated List of Dates.

ICSA "The Company Secretary as Changemaker" Workshops

Wednesday 11 March 2020

Managing behaviours in the boardroom, is the third of six workshops for company secretaries hosted by the ICSA: The Chartered Governance Institute and sponsored by Company Matters at Link Asset Services. For more information.


MindLeap makes effective connections and collaborations, and values its partners.

MindLeap develops the services, profiles and engagement of Company Matters,
a division of Link Asset Services. Company Matters provides comprehensive outsourced professional services secretarial teams, including global statutory compliance and meeting support.


MindLeap leads AIM-listed growth company presentations to the ShareSoc retail investor community. ShareSoc aids individuals who invest directly in the stock market by promoting investor rights to companies and seeking to influence Government and regulatory policy.

Board Intelligence

MindLeap works with Board Intelligence to promote its board portal and advisory services. Board Intelligence specialises in improving the quality of leadership decision-making by ensuring board papers are more strategic, relevant and concise.